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The German term Rückbau literally translates to “jerk build,” but what it means is much closer to the idea of elegantly jury rigging broken systems. Our own philosophy is not too different. As opposed to violent and revolutionary development cycles that result in over-engineered and under-utilized technology, we believe in a holistic, evolutionary cycle that prioritizes getting it done, whatever “it” might be.

What We Do

Our engineers and strategy consultants have been trusted to lead large scale projects in a variety of settings, from the military industrial complex to successful, venture-backed start-ups. Ruckbau’s team includes expert engineers who specialize in code stacks, electronics, and system design. We specialize in incubation development and start up consulting.

intellectual property analysisintellectual property analysis

Why Ruckbau?

We’re not your typical technology outsourcing firm. You know the kind: an assembly-line of low-paid, inexperienced interns half way around the world. We’re also not the kind of technology shop that provides you with an endless supply of guns for hire – turning your offices into the wild west, with each consultant looking out for his or her own neck. With those kinds of firms, nobody is paying attention to the big picture, let alone the little details. Although we’re a newer company (founded in 2012), we have a ton of experience to draw from. Our team is made up of professionals that, prior to working at Ruckbau, worked at large government think-tanks, fortune 500 companies, and university research facilities.

“The experts at Rückbau have proven time and again that we can rely on them to show up where we need them, make intelligent decisions during an investigation, and get the job done right.”

Former Partner, Paul Hastings

JohnFaceThe current state of technology is amazing and in many ways it’s WAY beyond what Sci-Fi conceived of in the 60’s and 70’s.  The coolest tech has got to be the ‘Internet of Things’.  My favorite technology stack obviously, is the Android stack, specially with wearables, car’s APIs and many others.  It won’t be long before every mechanical device is reporting back to a server somewhere.John N.

Senior Software Engineer

I’m too busy inventing stuff, reverse engineering stuff, researching stuff, discovering new ways to brew beer, and solving all of the world’s problems to waste my time coming up with a quote. Feel free to quote me on that!

Felix H.

Director, IP Research & Development

Felix H. Senior IP Strategist Experience:

System design, architecture, machine learning, direct code review and analysis for patent cases, IP portfolio management, R&D, distributed systems, soft real time, hard real time, embedded systems, instrumentation, sensor systems, brewing!

The BIG Picture

Rückbau has played pivotal roles in numerous class action and IP litigation cases throughout North America. The companies network is made up of programmers, scientists, and tech experts who don’t just analyze technology stacks, but create them. Besides development services, our team helps organizations review, organize, and analyze data – irrespective of its format or location.

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Cloud Expertise

The “cloud” is not one-size-fits-all. At Rückbau, we understand that better than anyone. We have been developing “cloud” applications since before they had that name; back when the “cloud” meant a grid computing environment with a web service API. Nowadays, the right cloud solution can run almost all of your business procesess: marketing, operations, sales, and more. The trick is to have the right technology partner to get you properly integrated with the right platform.

Crafting, creating, and performing should only be done for the love of it. I feel like there has been a tendency in the last 15 years for doing things out of fashion and not for the love of what you do.

Fede P.

Sr. Technical Project Manager

With an engineering background in electronics and multiple computer languages, my responsibility includes overall direction and management of multiple development and consulting projects. Fede@ruckbau.com

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