Big Data

Understanding through intelligence

Data is more than just records for the saving – it’s knowledge waiting to be tapped. At Rückbau, we understand that better than anyone. We optimize databases, migrate legacy data systems, invent network data storage systems, and design algorithmic data structures for high performance computing systems.

Big Data Partners

Organizations choose us as their Big Data partner because we understand the value of data-driven analysis and decision-making. We help you collect objective, valid data and learn from it like never before.Gathering data-points is only the first step towards learning from that information. Our big data engineering team has over 20 years of experience working with the most powerful databases and data-processing tools around.

Why Rückbau

Our strategists, engineers, and consultants have solved big problems at organizations of all sizes – from successful start-ups to some of the largest government think tanks. Whether you’re a small business with limited resources or a growing mid-size organization, our experts can help you leverage technology to start growing.

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Cloud Data Strategy

Whether you’re looking to migrate your applications into a custom environment or you’re just interested in the latest data sharing and storage environments, we can help you maximize ROI and get the most out of the cloud.

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Business Intelligence

With over 30 years of combined experience designing, developing, and implementing Business Intelligence solutions, we know that the preliminary steps before the actual implementation are the most crucial.

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Our Services


SQL Code Optimization and Database Consulting


Database Administration: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Lite, PostGre SQL


Data Warehousing in the Cloud


Workforce Intelligence


Data Mining and Manipulation



Visualization Consulting Services

Being able to analyze data quickly requires the right sort of visualization tools. Our Visualization and Data engineers have designed, developed, and implemented reporting tools for fortune 500 companies as well as top academic institutions.


Legacy Data Reporting


JS Infovis Implementation


Automated/Batch Reporting and Alerts




Google Visualization Integration


Visualization via Flash and Actionscript

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