Collecting data is great, but if you’re not learning from your data, then it’s time to go back to school. Our experts can show you where Business Process meets Business Intelligence,  and change the way your organization works.

 Learn From Your Data

Not all data is made equally. When collecting, you need to enforce accuracy and precision; and when analyzing, you need to understand the meaning behind the formulas, not just the conclusions they will help you draw. With over 30 years of combined experience designing, developing, and implementing Business Intelligence solutions, we know how to separate fact from fiction when it comes to your organization’s data. Our BI (Business Intelligence) services will lay the groundwork for a holistic Business Process Management solution that- along with the right technology – will ensure that you’re able to apply what you learn from your data. Learn more about our Business Intelligence Consulting services by clicking here.

Apply Your Knowledge

Using the intelligence gathered from your organization’s data, we can help you re-engineer your business processes. More than just basic workflow automation, the right Business Process Management tools can give decision-makers the situational awareness they need to do their jobs. More than that, the right BPM solution can organize and automate the mundane processes can weigh down an organization.

Cloud Integration Example

Integrate Your Technology Ecosystem

Our engineers design, develop, and integrate custom Business Process Management software for small/mid-size businesses, and large organizations. Our expertise includes the design and development of custom applications (web, mobile, or embedded) which integrate with cloud services such as Salesforce, Amazon EC3, Basecamp, Microsoft Dynamics, or Google Apps. Our services include:

Workflow Automation

Leverage the right technology and optimize communications (emails, text, or phone), tracking (invoicing, billing, fulfillment, etc.), and process-level automation to maximize your current resources.

What We Do - Business Process Integration

Custom Integration

Maximize how you use cloud services like Salesforce, Basecamp, or Google Apps, by integrating them with each other and your legacy system.

Business Intelligence Consulting

Gain transparency and know how your organization’s workforce, customers, and management operate. Learn from your data and apply your knowledge to optimizing your organization.