Salesforce, Google, or Amazon, let our experts show you how to leverage the right cloud technology to get your organization optimized.

Getting Into the Cloud

Whether you’re looking to migrate your applications into a custom environment or you’re just interested in the latest data sharing and storage environments, we can help you maximize your technology ROI and get the most out of the cloud. Our expertise includes cloud integration, custom application development, and design/implementation of private (custom) cloud services.  

Why Migrate to the Cloud?

A Flexible Technology Model

Brick and mortar IT infrastructures can’t scale with your organization on-demand. As you grow, your IT needs will also grow. Using a cloud platform allows you to scale at will by simply purchasing more capacity from your provider.

Outsourced Infrastructure Means Outsourced Liability

Security and infrastructure maintenance cost valuable time and money. According to recent research, in the UK, organizations spend 18 days per month maintaining on-site security. When you migrate mission-critical processes to a cloud-based platform, you no longer have to worry about maintenance overhead, because your provider takes care of it for you. Once you’ve outsourced your maintenance, you can spend your precious hours focusing on your business.

Our Cloud Expertise

Custom Cloud-Based Application Development

Our experts design and implement custom cloud applications based on your business needs. Whether it’s moving an eCommerce and order management platform to Salesforce or creating a brand new Amazon EC3 web application to manage fulfillment, our experts can put you into the right solution for your organization.

System Integration

It’s not always possible to migrate all of your business processes to cloud-based services. Often, the ideal IT infrastructure  involves both traditional and cloud-based solutions. Our engineers have been integrating legacy systems with cloud platforms since before the term “cloud” was in vogue.

Modern Application Environment

Custom Integration Services

Our Services
  • Amazon EC3 Integration
  • Microsoft Azure Integration
  • Salesforce App Design, Implementation and Integration – Apex, Visualforce, etc.
  • Data migration into Salesforce, cloud-based databases, and data stores
  • Custom Cloud-Based Application Development – J2EE, .net, PHP, Python

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