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Why We’re Different

Unlike most litigation support companies, our team is made up of active programmers, scientists, and developers. We don’t rest on the laurels of our past experience. Instead, we’re constantly seeing and working with new technology in order to stay ahead of the curve. Our experience with a variety of technology platforms means that we’re not uniquely bound to any one code stack. Our experts can navigate through any hardware or software stack and give you the efficient source code review and examination that your case needs.

Our Tech Team

Rückbau has played pivotal roles in numerous class action and IP litigation cases throughout North America. We don’t just analyze technology stacks, we create them. Our technology experts can give your organization the edge it needs to get one step closer to victory.

Our Litigation Experience

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“Their breadth of knowledge coupled with their ability to structure, apply, and present information is certainly impressive, but it’s their talent at getting to the root of a technical problem that is invaluable.”

Current U.S. District Court Judge

What we offer:

Source Code Review


Reverse Engineering

Data Mining

E-Discovery Consulting

Felix H.

Director, IP Research and Strategy

Felix H. Senior IP Strategist2014, Constellation v. Time Warner et al
Los Angeles, CA


2014, Columbia v. Symantec
Los Angeles, CA

2013, SRA v. Twitter
San Francisco, CA

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