Whether it’s new product development or old process optimization – technology ROI depends on smart innovation and fast implementation. We know how to leverage technology to get our clients moving again.

Flexible Engagement Models

No two clients and no two projects are the same – unique projects require unique engagements. With that in mind, we offer three standard engagement models with an infinite amount of flexibility in between.

Fixed Fee/Project Based

This engagement model is based on the scope and domain expertise required for a single project. Once we’ve completed the initial project, most of our clients tend to convert to an hourly retainer or a technology co-management contract.


  • Custom business process optimization (i.e. automating a discrete set of workflows)
  • New/Custom product development (i.e. mobile apps, cloud-based applications, Salesforce App)
  • Discrete modifications to existing systems;
  • Data migrations (i.e. moving to the cloud)
  • Online Strategy Consulting – performance optimization
  • A fixed cost structure
  • Access to large pool of resources within well-defined scope
  • A clear and preset time table
Hourly Retainer Model

Unlike the Fixed Fee/Project  model, this engagement model provides open-ended access to  expert developers, consultants, or strategists based on an hourly fee. As your needs expand and contract, so does the level of support we provide.


  • Temporary developer support for long-term, in-house projects
  • Temporary consultants to provide business process management implementation expertise
  • Short term troubleshooting of existing applications
  • Quality assurance support


  • Open-ended engagement: use as many hours as you need
  • In-house or remote access to any of our experts
  • Access to large pool of resources – all we need are 10 business days to accommodate your needs
Technology Co-Management (and Asset Embedding)

By far our most popular and successful model, Technology Co-Management has the lowest hourly costs and the best return on investment of any engagement strategy. Based on your needs, we provide you with a technology manager (strategist) who handles all of your IT and development needs. Your manager(s) will create a 3-12-24 month strategy for your organization, put together a team of assets from our pool of experts, and work with you as closely as you need to ensure that your technology needs are being met. Although clients usually start with a fixed project model, they often convert to this model because of the flexibilty and the value. Monthly retainers start at about what it would cost to hire 2 internal developers or IT specialists. It’s like having a CTO, CIO, and IT department for the cost of just one or two programmers.


  • New/Custom product development (i.e. mobile apps, cloud-based applications, Salesforce App)
  • Complicated problem/solution sets – new technology (including IP discovery and research) development
  • Open-ended system optimization and improvement of business processes
  • Custom business process management solutions – integration with third party cloud applications
  • Management of entire technology strategy and day-to-day IT


  • Flexible access to exclusive embedded resources – you need a Java developer this month, but a PHP developer next month, we’ve got it all covered; you need a database admin for two weeks during a migration, we’ll take care of it;
  • Project management is included
  • Constant innovation – your projects aren’t restricted to the scope of an SOW. If we discover a better solution that will save you time or money, then we can pivot as necessary.
  • Access to a nimble team with a large set of skills