Solution Based Services

Imagining the right solution is just the first step. With technology constantly changing – new mobile, cloud, and web software popping up everyday – staying focused when developing a new solution is a challenge. Our team of consultants can help you navigate the dynamic technology landscape and turn your vision into a reality.

Design & Development

Custom web-based software design

Custom cloud development/deployment

Custom mobile app development

REST/API strategy and development services

Strategy & Services

Application strategy consulting on & off-site

Application-level custom analytics

Software project management outsourcing

General programming services

Why Rückbau? 

We’re not your typical technology outsourcing firm. You know the kind: an assembly-line of low-paid, inexperienced interns halfway around the world. We’re also not the kind of technology shop that provides you with an endless supply of “guns for hire” – turning your offices into the wild west, with each consultant looking out for his or her own neck. With those kinds of firms, nobody is paying attention to the bigger picture, let alone the little details. Our team is made up of professionals that, prior to working at Rückbau, worked at large government think-tanks, fortune 500 companies, and university research facilities.

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What You Can Expect

A Complete Set of Skills

Your needs aren’t confined to specific technologies. You need a technology partner that can not only see the big picture, but can deliver it as well.



Our engineers and strategy consultants have been trusted to lead large scale projects – from the military industrial complex to venture-backed start-ups – and they’re available to help you.



Weekly project management reports and an open communication channel ensures transparency and proper communication.

On & Off-Site Support

Nearly all of our programmers, designers, and consultants are located in sunny California, but we’re mobile enough to come to you at a moments notice.

Meet some of our team

Technology is the second fastest evolving phenomenon in the world, only bested by the phobias of it.

Jason M.

Sr. Programmer/Analyst

Most interesting work in 2014? Object model for brand management tool using Java in EC2

Most fascinating experience? Code audit of security software machine learning code

Favorite project? Personal Node projects (always)

Strategies & Solutions

Increased Success Rate

Our core team of consultants have seen spectacular successes as well as failures. We’ve founded companies that have sold for nine figures and seen others fade into dust. Lean on our experience and increase your odds of success.

Intellectual Property

Our consultants have played the role of expert on some of the most important patent cases in the country, and we’ve written some very important patents. Learn about how our team can help catalog and protect your IP assets.

Solution Laboratory

Our core team is all about solving problems efficiently and effectively. By incubating your entire project or even parts of your project through us, you gain access to our innovative problem solving skills.


With our experienced stable of developers and our access to an extensive network of programmers, we can make sure you never run out of bandwidth on your project.

Start-Up Organization

Get your organization up and running quickly and seamlessly. Besides technical consulting, we can help clarify the murkier parts of the start-up world and make sure you don’t get mired in the details.


The business and technical strategy for your project, including software architecture, online strategy, and overall product development, can run through our team of experts.

“The Rückbau team has reinvented our entire business model by adding a machine learning component that not only improves our system over time, but teaches us as well.”

K. Campbell

CEO, Obtainium

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