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Rückbau has played pivotal roles in numerous class action and IP litigation cases throughout North America. Our team is made up of programmers, scientists, and tech experts who don’t just analyze and review technology stacks, they create them. Leave it to our consultants to help you navigate even the most complicated source material.

Experience That Speaks For Itself


Language Expertise

Source code review expertise includes: C/C++, Java, Scala, Python, Erlang, Javascript (Node, JQuery, D3, etc), PHP, Perl, R, OCamel, SQL, Ruby, Assembly, etc.

Data Source Experience

Key data source expertise includes: SQL, Amazon RDS, Redis, Google App Engine, Couchbase, Objectify, Amazon DynamoDB, etc.

Key Algorithmic Expertise

Data Storage, Path-finding/Routing Algorithms, Machine Learning/Neural Networks, Cluster Analysis, Implementation of Graph Theory, DSP, Data Streaming, etc.

Distributed Systems Experience

Hadoop, Pig, Cassandra, Thrift, MPI, Custom Socket Programs

Meet some of our team

Felix H.

Director, IP Research and Strategy

Felix H. Senior IP Strategist2014, Constellation v. Time Warner et al
Los Angeles, CA

2014, Columbia v. Symantec
Los Angeles, CA

2013, SRA v. Twitter
San Francisco, CA

“The experts at Rückbau have proven time and again that we can rely on them to show up where we need them, make intelligent decisions during an investigation, and get the job done right.”

Former Partner, Paul Hastings

IP Services

Intellectual Property

Consisting of programmers, scientists, inventors, and experts, our team doesn’t just analyze technology stacks, we create them. Since our founding, we have written, reviewed, or analyzed over 2 billion lines of code.

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Litigation Support

With a strong background in data mining and analysis, our team of experts can help you understand your case in ways that may otherwise not be possible.

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