An Intersection

A profitable brand management firm came to us with an idea to leverage technology to improve online branding. We liked the idea, but decided that it could go further. By employing graph theory, machine learning, and human insights, we helped our clients step into a new business with a whole new marketable product. A business that taps into that intersection of  human understanding and machine intelligence.
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Case Study on Reputool

A client came to us with an idea to build a system for tracking and managing online brands. We decided to take the idea to the next level and create a brand analysis platform. The results: new intellectual property, a platform that is backed by petabytes of data, and a whole new business opportunity for everyone involved.

Believing that human understanding – those insights we take for granted – can still not be replaced by technology alone, we designed a system that merged human insights with machine learning.  Technology still has yet to master the nuances of human emotion and language. For us, these qualities were imperative to preserve in order to avoid creating another “dumb” bot. In an effort to merge the qualitative and the quantitative, our new technology platform tracks strength of brands through mining, cluster analysis, big data analytics and proprietary data.

The Tech Stack

Graph Database A graph shows the way multiple nodes come together, a direct solution to a problem by looking at connectivity points of places and pathways. Specifically used in our case for algorithmic efficiency.

Cluster Analysis A cluster is a number of interconnected nodes associated by their similarities and corresponding features in an array of outlets. For us,

Neural Network Machine learning algorithms used to predict and suggest possible values for the qualitative part of our system.

The Results

New Intellectual Property

We evaluated the overall technology used and realized that we had a novel invention. This discovery led to the creation of a new patent which directly translates to a tangible asset.

A Powerful Tech Stack

Built in Java, Python, and Javascript, on top of the Amazon EC2 cloud, the new platform is scalable, powerful, and able to handle whatever the web throws at it.

A Fruitful Partnership

By incubating the new platform with us, our client has transformed into a valued partner, ensuring that our goals are their goals.

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