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“The complexity of a mobile app is too often either over looked or just plain not understood. The mobile app itself is just a single piece of a much larger puzzle; one that includes a smart server-side component, a web interface, and all of the bells and whistles that make up a complete product.”

We have been building mobile applications since before the invention of the iPhone (think mobile Java). Besides that ubiquitous device, our developers have up-to-date expertise developing Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, and mobile web optimized applications. So whether you’re creating a new custom app to help run your business or you simply need some guidance on your mobile strategy, our experts are here to help.

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Technology Strategy

We are constantly rethinking the role mobile technology plays in a successful organization. Keeping up-to-date with the latest and most useful programming techniques and frameworks allows us to step closer to that success. We also understand that technology is only valuable if it is used, which is why we are adamant about building software that is user-driven.


Mobile Strategy

Before implementing a mobile design it is important for us to understand the needs, goals, and desires of an organization. After all, it is this “raison d’etre” of an app to which we must remain true. With that in mind, we help organizations clarify their overall strategy. Goals, budgets, and customer requirements, are all accounted for in an effort to create a holistic, sound strategy for developing the ideal and optimal mobile app.


Product Design

Our team are experts at developing complex, sophisticated apps, while still making sure they are as user friendly as it gets! Intelligent design doesn’t just create a more accessible app, it enhances the overall experience, and conveys a sense of familiarity that users fall in love with.



We have been designing software for over 30 years with a stable of experts that are experienced in a variety of languages. Whether you’re writing a traditional server for your app in Java, Python, C#, or Node, or you’re in need of a high-performance distributed system written in Scala, Erlang, or even C/C++, our experts can get it done. Unlike other consulting firms, we do not think that programmers are a one-size-fits-all; our Java engineers are experts in Java; our PHP programmers are experts in PHP; and our relational database analysts are SQL experts.



Our team emphasizes efficiency, but never at the expense of success. Since we are most interested in bringing your ideas into fruition, our team works side-by-side with your people to make sure the development process is as transparent as possible while staying within the framework of your vision.

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