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Small organization, big technology

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We understand your challenges and are here to bolster your business’s IT. We provide the affordability of Cloud Services with which you can run almost all of your business processes including: marketing, operations, sales, and more.

Small Business, Big Profits

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are challenged daily to remain innovative in a global market filled with competition from new and growing businesses as well as established Enterprise organizations. We understand that your organization needs to capitalize on opportunities to optimize, streamline, and grow. Our experts can assist you in either leveraging your existing infrastructure or introduce the latest technology to your business to create a more secure, productive, and profitable company.

Why Rückbau

Our strategists, engineers, and consultants have solved big problems at organizations of all sizes – from successful start-ups to some of the largest government think tanks. Whether you’re a small business with limited resources or a growing mid-size organization, our experts can help you leverage technology to start growing.

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Our Services

Business Process Management

By intelligently integrating organizational workflows with the right technology, the entire business process can be manageable and transparent. We rely on an incremental, evolutionary process for efficiency and a high-utilization rate.

Cloud Services

Whether you’re looking to migrate your applications into a custom environment or you’re just interested in the latest data sharing and storage environments, we can help you maximize ROI and get the most out of the cloud.

SalesForce Consulting

We integrate your organization with the right analytics service, marketing platform, or sales/fulfillment software to make sure the voyage from contact to customer is as efficient and painless as possible.

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