Business Process Management

Optimization through automation

Business Process Management Defined

Today’s rapidly evolving business environment poses a challenge to management and employees alike. By intelligently integrating organizational workflows with the right technology, the entire business process can be both manageable and transparent. But when you have limited resources and limited time, getting plugged into the right BPM is easier said than done. Prepackaged solutions don’t meet the needs of specific organizational workflows and custom solutions often end up over-developed, under-utilized, and essentially, ineffective.


Workflow Optimization

Rückbau’s hollistic approach to Workflow Optimization and Business Process Management works differently. Instead of trying to force an organization into a technology or building a technology around an organization, we rely on an incremental, evolutionary process that emphasizes efficiency and a high-utilization rate.  

We design, develop, and integrate Business Process Management software for small/mid-size businesses, and large organizations. Our expertise includes the design and development of custom applications (web, mobile, or embedded) which integrate with cloud services such as Salesforce, Amazon EC3, Basecamp, Microsoft Dynamics, or Google Apps.

Our Services

Workflow Automation leverage the right technology and optimize communications (emails, text, or phone), tracking (invoicing, billing, fulfillment, etc.), and process-level automation to maximize your current resources.
Custom Integrations maximize how you use cloud services like Salesforce, Basecamp, or Google Apps.
Business Intelligence Gain transparency and know how your organization’s workforce, customers, and management operate.

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