So Close for Too Long?

Introducing FinalTen™ services from Rückbau. Your technical projects, finished. 

Your project is almost complete. The finish line is in sight. You’ve reached the Final 10%, but you somehow keep pushing launch dates further and further back. Sound familiar? It’s time to reconsider your approach. However, it’s difficult to let go of old strategies – even when they’re no longer working. The Rückbau FinalTen team has the experience, expertise, and resources to help you tie up the loose ends and push through to the finish line.

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Why a Project Becomes Stuck

Reusing Old Strategies

When you’re near the finish line, you can’t use the same tactics that go you there.

Development Hurdles

Some technical problems are harder than they initially appear – this is normal.

Creative Immobility

Spinning your wheels when stuck can burn through your team’s creative energy.


Myopic Viewpoints

When you’re entrenched in a difficult project, it’s hard to see the big picture.

Short of Resources

When working with a limited budget and team, you can’t always get everything done.

Scope Creep

Lack of proper controls and nebulous objectives allow the “perfect” be the enemy of the “good”.


It’s difficult to recognize the problems in front of you when you’re looking at the horizon.

Planning Problems

The best laid plans can fail; it’s difficult to change them once you’re stuck.

A New Approach

We see a lot of clients struggle with the Final 10% of their projects. The last piece of the puzzle is often the toughest part of the job. We get that! Often this is due to reusing old tactics, not allowing room to shift gears, and wearing “goal oriented glasses”. It becomes difficult to take a step back to readjust the focus. Therefore, the Final 10% needs new strategies, a fresh pair of eyes, and a recalibration of priorities. Let our FinalTen team help you launch your project!

Taking your project from “Almost There” to “Done.”

Recalibrate Your Priorities

Our team will help you determine which parts of your project are most essential. By reframing features, filtering out bugs, and updating your priorities, we will give traction to your project so you can get it done.

Refocus Your Efforts

We understand how farsightedness can prevent your project from being finalized. Our FinalTen team’s background in successfully deploying large-scale projects, gives them the insights necessary to re-adjust your projects’ focus and get you moving towards the finish line.

Leverage Our Resources

Developmental hurdles, whether a result of limited resources or just difficult problems, can take the wind out of a project and an entire team. Ruckbau’s broad network of resources can be invaluable for your project’s final touches. Let our assets provide the leverage you need.

Why Rückbau


Access to scalable set of resources


Experienced team with broad skill set


External network of experts


US-based consultants

Get Unstuck


Meet your deadlines


Avoid ulcers!


Fix your budget


Re-energize your team


Avoid scope creep


Finish lingering tasks

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